We’ve received this update from The Arts Centre at Hornsey Town Hall. www.hthartscentre.co.uk


Since we started the Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre it was our intention to open up as many spaces and rooms, with the advice of Haringey and their Conservation team, and create a creative community within HTH.

During December, we had 1711 people through the doors and the three of us tried to meet as many people as possible.

The support and demand for space from locals has been nothing short of staggering and we could have filled all the spaces three times over over.

From those “meet and greets” we have filled the creative workspaces we currently have available.

We still have some hot desk space available in the west wing as we can see that the Library is struggling to fill the demand each day so we want to offer the people they turn away somewhere to come.

We are happy that HTH Creatives is made up from locals with creative skills that include Fine Artists, Sculptors, Graphic Designers, Furniture Designers, Theatre Producers, Jewellery Makers, Architects, Singing Teachers, Film Makers, Photographers, Comedy Writers, Acting Coaches, Cancer rehabilitation, Animators, Web Designers, Textile designers, Milliners, Leather makers, Food Stylists, Holistic therapists, Jewellers, Performance poets, Toy Designers, Product Desingers, PR Specialists, Classical musicians, Event Producers, Dance Teachers, and we hope to be showcasing the work they make over the coming months.

The Second phase is all about the community. We want to now reach out to the Local community and beyond finding ways to use these spaces. Dance Studios, Music Spaces, A Gallery, Meeting Rooms, The Supper Room, The Committee Rooms, The Chambers, The Studio Theatres and in time The Main Hall.

We have already had contact with many local creative groups including The Crouch End Festival, Crouch End Project, Crouch End Open Studios and we have many more people to meet. Collaboration with the Arthouse, Downstairs at the Kings Head and other local businesses are also coming to fruition.