We’re delighted to see that Haringey Council stepped in swiftly to issue a Breach of Condition Notice to ensure that the Town Hall Square will be paved with York Stone, as consented by planning, and not in granite.

Both the Trust and Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum contacted the council to express their concerns about the granite slabs which we felt were inferior to York Stone and would do little to enhance the public space in front of a newly-restored Town Hall.

We also pressed LBH on whether there had been any discussions to improve the public highway in front of the Town Hall Square (by the bus stop and ‘phone boxes) which, if they remain in the state they are currently in, will simply let the whole space down. LBH has replied to say officers from the Highways Department and Transport Planning are in discussions with FEC/Ardmore regarding agreement around the s278 highway works. We will continue to urge them to share any plans or drawings with the community.

A copy of our letter to LBH and the Breach of Condition Notice are here:

Click to access Letter_to_LBH.pdf

Click to access 211129_LBH_Town_Hall_Square_Enforcement_Notice.pdf