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Town Hall Square

The Trust has lodged an objection to the application to build a permanent structure to support a pergola in front of the Broadway Annex West, on the side of the Town Hall Square.

Whilst we’re very much in favour of al fresco dining around the Square, we think there should be a unified, rather than piecemeal, approach to the design for such an auspicious public space in Crouch End. What would be far preferable is something temporary, something that can easily be removed to allow full public use of the Square when not in use by the restaurant, as opposed to concrete pillars inserted into the recently-paved stone and planters which will effectively create a barrier.

The deadline for comments on the planning application is Friday 10 June 2022 and it can be viewed here:

The planning reference for the application is: HGY/2022/1211

You can read our comments here:

The Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum has also added some very helpful comments:

Restoring Hornsey Town Hall – a talk by Claire Brady, Historic England, and Regine Kandan, Make Architects

Thank you to everyone who came to the talk on 23rd March at Greig City Academy. We hope you enjoyed it.

For those who were unable to come on the night, here is the link to the film of the talk – illustrations included – on YouTube. It’s just over an hour long and full of detail about the history of the Town Hall, the challenges and obligations around restoring a Grade II* listed building, and the complex and careful restoration work being done on its structure, fittings and furnishings to safeguard its long term future.

Huge thanks to Claire Brady, Inspector of Historic Buildings, Historic England, and Regine Kandan, Make Architects, for making the time and sharing their knowledge and expertise. And thanks must also go to Ian Harding from Crispy Dog Productions for filming and editing and Greig City Academy for hosting.

Restoring Hornsey Town Hall

Two years ago, Hornsey Town Hall Trust was planning a talk by Regine Kandan from Make Architects and Claire Brady, Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas at Historic England, on the restoration of Hornsey Town Hall.  Then the pandemic struck and life was put on hold.

We’re delighted that we have been able to reschedule the talk for Wednesday 23rd March 2022 (6.30pm) in the Assembly Hall at Greig City Academy (entrance on Hillfield Avenue).  Regine and Claire will talk about the restoration work currently being undertaken in this Grade II* listed building and how its beautiful original features and artefacts will be repaired and preserved whilst at the same time making HTH fit-for-purpose as an arts centre and community space.

Booking is essential and free tickets are available by following this link:

We look forward to seeing you in March.



Restoring Hornsey Town Hall

This is a terrific film from Make Architects on the progress being made on the restoration and refurbishment of Hornsey Town Hall. Hosted by Regine Kandan, one of the lead architects on the project, she takes us from the Town Hall Square, through to the Assembly Hall, the Mayor’s Parlour, the Committee Rooms, the Council Chamber and, finally, onto the roof. Definitely worth a watch.

Here it is on Vimeo:

And YouTube:

In other news, we are planning to reschedule the pandemic-delayed talk on the restoration of Hornsey Town Hall by Claire Brady from Historic England and Regine Kandan from Make Architects. Details are currently being finalised for a date towards the end of March 2022.

Town Hall Square update

We’re delighted to see that Haringey Council stepped in swiftly to issue a Breach of Condition Notice to ensure that the Town Hall Square will be paved with York Stone, as consented by planning, and not in granite.

Both the Trust and Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum contacted the council to express their concerns about the granite slabs which we felt were inferior to York Stone and would do little to enhance the public space in front of a newly-restored Town Hall.

We also pressed LBH on whether there had been any discussions to improve the public highway in front of the Town Hall Square (by the bus stop and ‘phone boxes) which, if they remain in the state they are currently in, will simply let the whole space down. LBH has replied to say officers from the Highways Department and Transport Planning are in discussions with FEC/Ardmore regarding agreement around the s278 highway works. We will continue to urge them to share any plans or drawings with the community.

A copy of our letter to LBH and the Breach of Condition Notice are here:

Click to access Letter_to_LBH.pdf

Click to access 211129_LBH_Town_Hall_Square_Enforcement_Notice.pdf

November 2020 Construction Steering Group minutes

Here are the draft minutes from November’s construction steering group meeting.  Lots of questions and comments about noise on the site and the need for a quick response from the construction team.  And progress on the Town Hall Square.


The first meeting of 2021 is tomorrow night, Thursday 25th February.  We’ll post the draft minutes as soon as we get them.

September Construction Steering Group meeting

We’ve received the draft minutes of the latest Construction Steering Group meeting which was held on Zoom on Wednesday 9th September.

You can read the draft minutes here: 200909_Hornsey_Town_Hall_CSG_Meeting_Minutes_DRAFT

Inevitably the question of delays to the build and restoration due to COVID came up; the key timeline dates from the minutes are:

  • August 2021 – Completion of Block A (to the rear of the Town Hall)
  • Autumn 2021 – Works on the Town Hall Square to be completed
  • October 2021 – Completion of Block B (to the rear of the Town Hall)
  • Spring 2022- Completion of the restoration and refurbishment of the Town Hall

We’ve asked FEC at recent CSG meetings about the possible impact of the virus on the quality of the final scheme and restoration of the Town Hall; FEC has consistently stated that, whilst inevitably there has been an impact on timing, its commitment to both high quality and delivering the project as agreed at planning remains.

We hope to see the sketch drawings of the restored Town Hall Square very soon and will share them here.

The next meeting is due to be held in November (date tbc); if you have anything you’d like to raise, please get in touch at


Latest HTH construction newsletter published

The summer edition of FEC/Ardmore’s quarterly construction newsletter has just been published – you can read it here:  Hornsey_Town_Hall_Community_Newsletter_Summer_2020

In it there is more information on the work starting on the Town Hall Square which means it will be closed from the beginning of September until autumn 2021 as well as an article by Regine Kandan from Make Architects on restoring the fabric and tapestry in the beautiful and historic Council Chamber.

There are also contact details for the construction team and the mailing list sign-up: call 020 7234 3334 or email