The Trust has lodged an objection to the application to build a permanent structure to support a pergola in front of the Broadway Annex West, on the side of the Town Hall Square.

Whilst we’re very much in favour of al fresco dining around the Square, we think there should be a unified, rather than piecemeal, approach to the design for such an auspicious public space in Crouch End. What would be far preferable is something temporary, something that can easily be removed to allow full public use of the Square when not in use by the restaurant, as opposed to concrete pillars inserted into the recently-paved stone and planters which will effectively create a barrier.

The deadline for comments on the planning application is Friday 10 June 2022 and it can be viewed here:

The planning reference for the application is: HGY/2022/1211

You can read our comments here:

The Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum has also added some very helpful comments: